CLA'19 will be the 14th workshop on Computational Logic and Applications, to be held in Versailles, France. The workshop is scheduled to take place in May/June 2019. Specific dates are yet to be announced. The main purpose of CLA is to provide an open, free access forum for scientific research concentrated around combinatorial and quantitative aspects of mathematical logic and their applications in computer science.

We cordially invite all researchers interested in topics such as:

  • combinatorics of lambda calculus and related formalisms,
  • quantitative aspects of program evaluation and normalisation,
  • asymptotic enumeration in computational logic,
  • statistical properties of formulae, terms and programs,
  • random generation of large combinatorial structures in computational logic,
  • randomness in software testing and counter-example generation methods.

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Below you can find the exhaustive list of previous CLA editions: